Sermon Sampler

Our minister and guests have provided samples of their sermons or papers. To read them, please click on a title below.

Is Hope Evil?
"...I worry that hope can be, and often is a distraction, an excuse
for not getting on with the work at hand..."

“The End Of Racism”
"...Some I fear, will try to use this victory [Barack Obama being
elected president] as an
indication that racism is over,
when we [sadly] know it to be
alive and potent..."

A Unitarian Universalist
Perspective on Prayer

"...I was not always comfortable with the concept of prayer. I
grew up essentially unchurched, and most definitely outside of
the Christian tradition..."

The problem: "In Faith,"
indicates a self-conscious
commitment to faith-but to faith without an object, faith without

Sickness and Health
"... one of the most disturbing
things about being sick is the
sense of isolation and
estrangement we can feel from
our bodies.."

Science and Religion: A Match Made in Heaven.
"...As soon as I encountered
Unitarian Universalism and got
exposed to a different kind of
religion, one that told me I didn’t have to leave behind what I
already believed..."

Spiritual Practice as Resistance
"...New Year’s Resolutions are so passé. The thing us minister types have been talking about is creating and sustaining spiritual practices."

What are we willing to sacrifice for Peace?
"...I am not willing to sacrifice innocent lives for freedom. Are you? What about not-so-innocent lives? Do you support the death penalty? Would you condone the killing of a violent dictator?..."