Ministry Committee

Name of Committee:

Committee on Ministry


The Committee on Ministry will support and strengthen the professional ministry of the congregation.

Responsibilities of Committee:

T o further this purpose, the Committee shall:
1. Facilitate communication between the minister and the congregation, bringing any issues to the minister’s attention and encouraging direct communication.
2. Serve as a sounding board for the minister.
3. Evaluate the minister, in the context of the total ministry of the congregation, once a year.

Responsibilities of Committee Members:

1. Participate in monthly meetings.
2. Chair meetings on a rotating basis: notify participants of meeting time, prepare agenda, monitor progress of committee projects/assignments, and lead meeting.

Qualifications for Committee Members:

1. Commitment to the mission of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rock Valley (UUCRV).
2. Membership in UUCRV.
3. Ability to work as a team member.
4. Ability and willingness to give support to other committee members and congregants.

Amount of Time Required:

Average 1 1/2 hours per month (one 1 1/2-hour meeting), plus meeting preparation.

When Ministry Is Performed:

Monthly meeting on third Thursday, 4:30-6 p.m. Preparation at your convenience.

Length of Commitment:

One year. Renewable.

Training Provided:

1. Reading materials provided.

Responsible To:

Other members of the Committee, collegially.

Support Provided:

1. The support and encouragement of other members or the committee.
2. The personal and professional support of the congregation’s minister.
3. A response to your requests for training and/ or information that you believe is needed to fulfill your position and make it a rewarding and growth-filledone for you.
4. Welcome and respect for your suggestions and opinions regarding the committee and the total ministry of the congregation.

Last reviewed: 7 /06

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