Care and Concern Committee

Name of Committee:

Care and Concern Committee


The purpose of the Care and Concern Committee is to assist UUCRV in its ministry to one another.

Responsibilities of Committee:

1. Publish commettee members’ names and phone numbers in the UUCRV newsletter so members will know who to contact about member care and/or concerns areas.
2. Survey UUCRV members to learn who would be willing to help with care activities for members in need so that a list of volunteers is readily available to the committee.
3. Solicit volunteers to provide for each care request if it is something that is possible for UUCRV members to do.
4. Contact minister if need involves pastoral care.
5. Prepare a written report of committee’s activities and submit it for inclusion in annual report to the congregation.
6. Propose a budget to be submitted to the Finance Committee for care and concern expenses and operate within the budget approved for the committee.

Members of the Care and Concern Committee:

Shall be attached to the Membership Committee.
Shall consist of one chairperson, appointed by the president of the congregation and approved by the Board of Trustees and one person selected from the Membership Committee.
Shall find volunteers to carry out the committee’s purpose and responsibilities.
Shall serve one year.

Last reviewed June 2012

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