Bldg & Grounds Committee


Building & Grounds Committee


The Building & Grounds Committee is concerned with the provision and maintenance of the congregation’s facilities. It may utilize and coordinate the skills of the congregation and may also be the first line of oversight for outside contractors. The Committee is involved with issues of accessibility and safety.


The Committee shall consist of a Chairperson (appointed by the Board President) and the Board of Trustees, acting as a committee of the whole.

With such assistance as is necessary from the Committee, the Chairperson shall be responsible for the following:


Prepare monthly reports for the Board of Trustees

Develop yearly budget for the Board of Trustees

Recruit volunteers and establish work schedules for building and grounds maintenance

Arrange, when necessary, for outside contractors for such things as snow plowing, heating system maintenance, roof repair and other such things deemed beyond the capabilities of the congregation

Obtain all necessary kitchen and cleaning supplies and equipment

Be responsible for the issuing and collection of building keys

Be responsible for the scheduling of groups wishing to use the building. Arrange for the opening of the building, any necessary setup and clean up and for the collection of fees

Develop written procedures and schedules for proper operation and maintenance of building equipment and systems to facilitate transfer of responsibilities for them

Qualifications for Chairperson:

Commitment to the mission of the UUCRV

Time Required:

10 hours per month

When Planning is Performed:

Planning is ongoing

Length of Commitment:


Training Provided:

On the job training with reliance on prior skill development

Responsible To:

The Board of Trustees

Support Provided:

The support and encouragement of the Board of Trustees

The personal and professional support of the congregation’s minister

Budget support by the Trustees and Congregation

Response to your request for training or information needed to fulfill your position and make it a rewarding and growth-filled one for you

Welcome and respect for your suggestions and opinions

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