When we speak of “worship” we use the term broadly and are referring to shared religious experience in our congregation.  The word “worship” comes from the Old English word worthscipe, which means “worthiness.” When we worship we are reflecting on what matters most in life, what is worthy of our time, attention and efforts. Our weekly worship service weaves together our own thoughts and experiences with new ideas in the form of music, ritual, readings, and messages to provide opportunities for this reflection.  We are both comforted and challenged by what we hear and experience together, including ideas from both our religious Sources and the people with whom we have chosen to journey on this spiritual path, diverse and loving Unitarian Universalists. After this shared time of worship, we are more empowered to re-enter the larger world ready to share our values and love with others.

Worship services are planned by both the Minister and a dedicated Worship Committee made up of members.  The Minister provides two services each month with the Worship Committee planning the remaining services which might include a guest minister, a lay-leader or a representative of a community organization that is aligned with our Unitarian Universalist values.  When a fifth Sunday occurs in a month, the children and youth are sometimes involved in helping to plan and provide an intergenerational service.

Some of our services follow the Touchstones Project themes, a joint ministry project of the Pacific Western Region of the UUA and First Universalist Church of Denver. The Touchstones Themes for 2019-2020 church year are: