• Our vision is about the communal aspect of spirituality. By coming together in a community in order to express and feel that which is spiritual in our lives, we recognize the desire to share spirituality as a group as well as individuals on our own separate spiritual path.

  • Our mission is create community,
    celebrate worship, seek justice and truth
    and live guided by love.

  • We invite you to explore our website to get acquainted with us, to find out who we are and what we stand for. As Unitarian Universalists, we honor diversity amongst our members and guests.

Sermon Sampler

Our minister and guests have provided samples of their sermons or papers. To read them, please click on a title below.

Is Hope Evil?

"...I worry that hope can be, and often is a distraction, an excuse
for not getting on with the work at hand..."

“The End Of Racism”

"...Some I fear, will try to use this victory [Barack Obama being
elected president] as an
indication that racism is over,
when we [sadly] know it to be
alive and potent..."

A Unitarian Universalist
Perspective on Prayer

"...I was not always comfortable with the concept of prayer. I
grew up essentially unchurched, and most definitely outside of
the Christian tradition..."


Sara Goodman
President: Denny Broderick
Vice President: Susan Busker
Secretary: Paulette Lucas
Treasurer: Cher Zimmerman
Trustees: Linda Brefeld
Glen Wallace


Jul 31
  • Sunday Worship - The Spirituality of Illness

    Jul 31 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am
    The Spirituality of Illness, Rev. Jody Whelden, Retired BCC. We often see illness as a problem – or, a betrayal…as if the illness came to hurt us. The reality is, illness is a natural companion in life. It can move us into deeper understanding & growth, if we allow it. Alternatively, we can choose to be burdened by illness, to live in denial, or in bitterness and to thwart the possible gains. This talk will posit that illness has a rhythm we can discern, if not a reason.

    My name is Jody Whelden. I run a business called Care of the Spirit. I conduct presentations on spirituality and heart-centered living. I am passionate about two new books I am working on now - 1)The Spirituality of Illness and 2 )Heart Centered Living. As a Unitarian-Universalist clergy and board-certified chaplain I have written and spoken about healing and living with grace. People from all walks of life are moved by my work with them and my spoken messages. On a personal note, I am an amateur artist, and I am writing my first mystery book!

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Aug 7


We are a small congregation of women and men who came together to create a new Unitarian Universalist Church in the Rock Valley region of north central Illinois in 2001. With a common ground to search for meaning and a commitment to our spiritual journey, our membership includes people of diverse thought and action. This path strengthens our resolve to seek answers to difficult questions and teaches us how to work together while honoring the worth and dignity of every member. In every gathering we are exposed to new ideas and religious diversity from a variety of authors, teachers, and prophets. "Our vision is about…